Please make sure to listen to radio broadcasts for possible school closures.

Environment Canada has issued an Extreme Cold Warning for our Waterloo Region today. In addition, it is expected to be extremely cold over the long weekend, so Region of Waterloo Public Health & Emergency Services has specified in the media release (below) that we will continue the Extreme Cold Warning over the long weekend to ensure that Warming Centres remain open for those that need a place to warm up from the cold. See below for the ROWPHE media release and other resources.

Please note this means that the buildings listed on the [ ] ROWPHE website during the hours indicated are to be considered Warming Centres (i.e., heated buildings open to the public during normal business hours) until the warning or cold event has ended, which we will notify you of.
·         ROWPH Extreme Cold Warning Media Release: [ ]

·         Warming Centre Listings & Extreme Cold Information: [ ]

·         ROWPHE Twitter Handle: [ ] @ROWPublicHealth