This morning, system maintenance to test traffic capacity carried out by School-Day inadvertently caused elementary class lists to be viewable before they have been finalized. This was corrected at 8:20 am this morning.

If you were able to access class list information on School-Day during this period, we want to inform you that this information may be inaccurate, as school staff are in the process of accommodating last-minute registration, and class lists may change as a result.

In an effort to ensure the most accurate information is provided to families, class lists will remain hidden on School-Day until Saturday, August 31, 2019, to help accommodate ongoing registration of new students.

Please also keep in mind that the class lists provided may also be subject to change in the first few weeks of September, due to ongoing changes.

If you require support while using the School-Day application, please contact them directly using one of the methods below:

  • Visit the School-Day Support website
  • Submit a ticket from within the School-Day Application with the question mark button in the top right corner
  • Send a detailed outline of your problem to
  • Call the Support Desk at 1.855.253.1731 for 24/7 bilingual assistance