Today is World Teachers’ Day!

World Teachers’ Day

Celebrated since 1994, World Teachers’ Day was created by UNESCO and is held each year on October 5 to celebrate teachers globally. It’s an opportunity to celebrate how teachers are transforming education, but also to reflect on how we can better support their work.

This morning, as they do every day during the school year, teachers across the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) welcomed 65,000 students to another day of learning. Their work supports the students we serve in building the skills they need to reach their full potential in school and in life.

We want to wish all WRDSB teachers and educators a Happy World Teachers’ Day. We are grateful for all the amazing work you do as you support students as they:

  • Have their lightbulb moments
  • Discover the excitement of learning
  • Uncover their passion in life

Your tireless efforts support the academic success of students by creating environments where all are able to learn and grow.

Celebrating World Teachers’ Day

You’re invited to share your appreciation for WRDSB teachers. Each and every day, they inspire confidence, uncover student interest and support the success of all students. Share your message on social media using #WorldTeachersDay and be sure to tag us in your post.