During the month of June, all Waterloo Region District School Board locations will fly the Pride flag alongside the Canadian flag. The month of June is Pride Month. Many of our students, parents/caregivers, staff and community members identify as members of the Rainbow (or LGBTQ+) community.

“Our schools are safe spaces for everyone that walks through the front doors and we’ll continue to create inclusive, safe spaces, and ensure the well-being of all students and staff,” said John Bryant, director of education. “Raising the Pride flag demonstrates our commitment to supporting all of our students, staff, parents, caregivers and community members.”

Staff will raise the Pride flag at the Education Centre, located at 51 Ardelt Ave. in Kitchener, at 9 a.m. on Thursday, June 1.


“Flying the Pride flag aligns with the board’s Operational Goal of student and staff well-being, and serves as a visual reminder that staff and students experience a sense of belonging in a caring learning environment,” said Bryant.

The Waterloo Region District School Board recognizes that providing students with an opportunity to learn and develop in a safe, caring and respectful society is a shared responsibility in which the Board and schools play an important role.

The WRDSB has 31 GSA clubs operating in our elementary and all secondary schools. If your school doesn’t have a GSA club, visit the OK2BME website and start one today. OK2BME is a local organization that provides counselling and support to LGBTQ+ youth and their families.

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